Welcome to Figmentsmedia

Figmentsmedia was founded in 2007 as a venue for Robert Ashburn to showcase his theme park photography outside of his usual avenues or Florida Thrills and occasionally Orlando Attractions Magazine. Through the years he expanded to shooting at Megacon Orlando and eventually to other conventions throughout Central Florida.

Today Figmentsmedia is composed of a few individuals who attend and shoot at various events including but not limited to D23 Expo, Florida Supercon, Megacon Tampa, and Holiday Matsuri.

Mission Statement:
Our mission at Figmentsmedia is to provide a safe and fun experience for anyone in front of the camera as well as timeless photographs that you will treasure forever.

As photographers, our goal is to capture images to create stories and showcase creative works. Photos have the power to help relive a specific moment in time and recall all of the emotions and details surrounding that snapshot. While we work with everyone on a project, our goal is to provide everyone with photographic proof of those ideas and we want our clients to be able to look back at their photos years from now and be able to relive that moment.

If you wish to view more of our portfolio we invite you to check out our Instagram profile as well as Facebook Page.