Our Upcoming Convention Schedule

We have a great deal of conventions we’re planning to attend through the end of the year and into next year.

Fanboy Expo Tampa (09/12 — 09/14) http://www.fanboyexpo.com/tampa/
Mythicon (09/19 – 09/21) – http://www.mythicconventions.com/control.cfm

Shadocon (10/31 – 11/02) – http://www.shadocon.com/

Ranger Stop 2014 (11/07 – 11/09) – http://www.rangerstop.com/

Holday Matsuri (12/12 – 12/14) – http://holidaymatsuri.com/

2015 Planned Conventions:
Omni Expo
Florida SuperCon

As you may have noticed the website itself is pretty stagnant, we are much more active on social media especially on our Facebook page. so for up to date information and photos we’ve done at private photo shoots and conventions visit there first.

Dapper Day at Magic Kingdom

Dapper Days hosted their spring Walt Disney World event March 9 at the Magic Kingdom. Dapper days began at Disneyland and is a homage to the days when families would dress up when visiting the park. The event is held twice a year, in the spring and fall, at both resorts. During the event fans are encouraged to come dressed in their best dressed as if they were living anywhere from the 1920’s – 1950s.


The Magic Kingdom event happens in the spring and featured many great actives including an unofficial meet up with everyone Disneybounding for photos. The official events included a ride on the riverboat, exploring tom Sawyer Island, and concluding in the park with a ride on the carousel apply named the Dapper Derby. Other events including mingling at the magic kingdom resorts for drinks. The fall event is scheduled for September 27 and will be held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you want more information you can check out their website: http://dapperday.com/

For more of our photos from the event: http://figment1986.smugmug.com/CostumesandCons/Events/Dapper-Day-2014

Tampa Anime Day Wrap-up

We had a lot of fun at Tampa Anime Day on December 28, 2013. While we got there late we did get some nice photos of the attendees and even found a rare SNES video game in the dealer’s room for only $25. We love these small cons for the atmosphere and even got to meet some great people and make new friends.

Photos: http://figment1986.smugmug.com/CostumesandCons/Events/Tampa-Anime-Day-2013

Our next con is Evilcon this weekend, If you see us say hey and if you like our photos feel free to tell us!

Holiday Matsuri Wrap-up

We’re STILL editing some photos from Holiday Matsuri but felt we should post a little about the convention. The convention was really fun, we did a little of everything but the raves though did spend a lot of time in the peppermint parlor Saturday night. Overall here’s some on the Highlights we enjoyed.

The Runway Contest: Patrons in various holiday inspired costumes walked the cat walk showing off their wonderful creations, congrats to everyone who participated.

Peppermint Parlor: Bunnies, games, and adult shows on stage, yes please. The event was cleaver and really enjoyable. Even got to hang with some of my friends who were working with the event.

Opening Ceremonies: I normally miss this and see closing ceremonies, did it backwards this time but did love how the event is set up.

MLP panel: I’m a brony, nuff said.

The holiday decorations: The hotel had decorated the convention center from top to bottom for Christmas and it provided for some nice photo ops.

Cosplays: ok this is always a given, but everyone loved the holiday inspired cosplays most of the attendees were wearing, even Robert wore a santa hat with his Kaworu cosplay.

We’re hard at work on adding more photos to the edit list since we shot in RAW format for the very first time at this convention. This means the photo look better but can take longer to edit and no mass batching as of yet.

Link to photos already done: http://figment1986.smugmug.com/CostumesandCons/Events/Holiday-Matsuri-Cosplays/n-GWRPT

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