D23 Expo and Grand Brony Gala Photos

IMG_3363We are back on track with editing our photos from the past events. Recently we finished as well asĀ  posted our photos from the Grand Brony Gala 3, which we were also a sponsor of this past July. We also posted hall shots and cosplay contest shots from the 2015 D23 Expo out in California, which was our first out of state event we have ever attended.

Please Stay Tuned for more photos to be posted from the various events we attend!

D23 Expo Hall Shots: https://figment1986.smugmug.com/CostumesandCons/Events/2015-D23-Expo-Hallshots/

D23 Expo Mousecarade (Costume Contest): https://figment1986.smugmug.com/CostumesandCons/Events/2015-D23-Expo-Mousecarade/

The Grand Brony Gala 3: https://figment1986.smugmug.com/CostumesandCons/Events/The-Grand-Brony-Gala-3