Megacon Fandays 2015

Back in November the new owners of Megacon held a short two day event at the orange county convention center which was essentially a miniature version of the vast event which was formerly held in the spring.

IMG_8343While the event was not as well attended on Sunday there was still plenty to see and do both days including a Disney cosplay gathering and photo shoot.

Hall Shots and Shoots:

Disney Megacon Meet-up and Shoot:

Ranger Stop 2015

We recently posted our photos from Rangerstop 2015  online.


These photos include hall shots from Sunday as well as the costume contest. We love attending this convention which is about all things Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and other Tokusatsu shots from Japan.

We hope to see this convention continue to grow as we have been attending it since the first year and have had an amazing chance to meet with and talk with the various talented actors from the television show as well as fans from around the world.


D23 Expo and Grand Brony Gala Photos

IMG_3363We are back on track with editing our photos from the past events. Recently we finished as well as  posted our photos from the Grand Brony Gala 3, which we were also a sponsor of this past July. We also posted hall shots and cosplay contest shots from the 2015 D23 Expo out in California, which was our first out of state event we have ever attended.

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Upcoming Photography Opportunities

Here is the schedule for our upcoming events which we will be offering Limited Time For Print (FREE) Photo Shoots at.


Shadocon – Saturday November 7 Only

Ranger Stop – Friday November 13 and Sunday November 15

Megacon Fan Days  – November 21 and 22

Holiday Matsuri – December 18 – 20


We plan to attend the various Holiday events at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort during November and December between conventions and our paying jobs.


We do apologize for not posting on our own website as much, we can promise enhancements coming soon here, for more up to date information on our next event or convention feel free to check out our Facebook Page which is always up to date.

New Look Coming Soon

We’re looking for some help to make our future and permanent look possible.

old-logoFor the past two years we have used a very simple piece of clip art for our logo and last summer our staff got together and sketched out an idea.

buisnesscardThis rough sketch has since been used on some of our recent business cards however we still want to take this logo and bring it to the next level to use with a brand new design and image for Figmentsmedia. If you think you can be of help please email us:

Mythicon Next Week

We were at the Fanboy Expo in Tampa last weekend and had a blast, we will be posting our write up on that soon, but first We’re announcing our plans for this weekend.


Mythicon / Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party


Mythicon / Halloween Horror Nights



Because of this we wont be at any of the evening parties and whatnot that are associated with Mythicon but will be able to be there for some of the day time events.

If your going to be at the event and would like to do a photo-shoot with me, please email us or send a message through the Facebook page.

Convention Photography and More